This summit will bring together c-suite representatives from all sectors of the financial services industry to hear (a) where the Government stands in terms of its preparations for negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU, (b) the initial thoughts of the various bodies and working groups that have been set up across the City to formulate the industry’s response for individual sectors and (c) the views of a number of leading figures in the FS industry about their in-house planning for BREXIT.

Achieving what is required in implementing the sheer volume of Market Abuse Regulation is daunting for the compliance function across a range of financial institutions. Through a mixture of presentations and interactive panel sessions from policy makers, industry practitioners and leading experts in the field, this conference, the fifteenth in the series, aims to alleviate this task.

This event will address Blockchain technology from the user-led point of view and analyse its potential for the financial services industry, particularly its infrastructure, in the UK and beyond. It will explore how the qualities of this new technology will change the face of business for financial services institutions and what the opportunities for development and new business will be.

The recent Review of data-security, consent and opt-outs by Dame Fiona Caldicott, National Data Guardian has reaffirmed the challenge of information security across an evolving health and care system. The solution lies in successfully integrating people, processes and technology, which NHS Digital is supporting through an expanded offer for its many valued partners.

Organised by NHS Digital and City & Financial Global, This event, taking place at The Church House, Westminster, will enable the audience to discuss the latest cyber security trends in the healthcare sector. It will provide an opportunity for senior information security professionals to acquire a broader understanding of the risks, to hear the latest practical guidance and to learn about potential solutions in this vitally important area.

The event will aim to:

  • Promote NHS Digital as trusted custodians/partners in delivering enhanced cyber security vigilance, guidance and solutions across the health and care system
  • Engage wider partners in dialogue around the growing challenge of information security
  • Assess the impact and necessary response to the NDG review

Topics to be covered include:

Senior Management Functions and allocating responsibilities; How does a firm manage enforceable Conduct Rules?; Duty of responsibility and enforcement issues; Whistle-blowing and the SM regime; How will the introduction of the SMR impact on the way you run your business in terms of HR practices, reporting lines and organisational structure?; SMR from the perspective of individual senior managers – what do they need to be aware of?; Responsibilities of regulated firms under the Certification regime – what will it mean in practice?; Lessons learned from the introduction of the SMR in the banking sector  ; Scope for mitigating personal regulatory risk through insurance; Practical checklist/guidance for firms implementing the requirements of the SM regime.

This highly topical summit explores how best councils and the private sector can work together to meet the Government’s ambitious targets.

Further details about this event will be available soon.

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