Now in its ninth year, City Week is the premier gathering of the international financial services community. It brings together policy makers and senior industry representatives from around the globe to consider together the future of financial markets and London, in particular. It consists of two days of cutting-edge conferences, seminars and networking opportunities, with other satellite events being held later during the week.

The Summit will be the official launch of the final report from the Technology and Law Commission investigation into the use of AI in the justice system, a collaborative programme which has drawn together the insights from industry, academia, political science, civil society, law enforcement and regulators. It will also look towards the wider impacts of AI on the legal system, including future skills, impacts on legal services, business models and the future role of businesses in society.

This high-profile forum builds on the success of the first Women in Finance Summit held at Bloomberg’s headquarters in January 2017, the second edition of the same event held in March 2018 and the Vote 100 Women Summit, held in London last April, at which a member of the British Royal Family, HRH the Countess of Wessex, was a keynote speaker and participant. Each of these three events attracted 250+ senior delegates.

We are delighted that Kit Malthouse MP, Minister of State for Housing will deliver a keynote address.

At a time when the housing crisis is at the top of the political agenda, this highly topical summit brings together an exceptional speaker panel of top housing experts, who will share their insights on the future for the UK housing sector and how to reach the government’s target of 300,000 new houses each year.

Matthew Taylor will be one of many eminent speakers taking part in City and Financial’s highly topical summit on Employment Status in the New Economic Era. This will be your opportunity to hear directly from those at the heart of some of the recent court decisions, including Addison Lee, Pimlico Plumbers, Uber and Deliveroo. We are particularly pleased that Chris Jeans QC of 11KBW will be on hand to guide you through the complexities of these decisions.  Equally important is the issue of tax status and in particular the extension of IR35 to private sector contractors which for the first time will shift the tax burden to the organisation for which they work. Bill Dodwell, Tax Director, Office for Tax Simplification will share his thoughts on this and on their work on Platforms, the Platform Economy and Tax Simplification.

The next regulatory challenge facing firms operating in the EU is here: the Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR), which aims to increase transparency in the use of repos and stock loans, and on the risks around entering collateral arrangements. SFTR is more than a simple trade reporting practice. It impacts a wide-range of investment firms in areas such as businesses processes, controls, operations, IT systems and compliance. The SFTR Implementation Forum will help you understand all aspects of the regulation, avoiding implementation delays, fines and operational hiccups. Through a series of keynote panel discussions and case studies, our expert speakers will take you through all challenges of the SFTR business model, including UTI generation, the reporting obligation to the TRs and, finally, the reconciliation process.

The 23rd World Conference of Banking Institutes will be a landmark event for the international financial services community – bringing together perspectives from across the world on the forces shaping the future of our sector.

This event will take place in New York City in the Summer of 2019. The exact date will be announced shortly.

The summit builds on the success of the previous related events that City & Financial Global and its partners have held elsewhere in the world. For instance, the Vote 100 Women in Business Summit, held in London in July this year, at which a member of the British Royal Family, HRH the Countess of Wessex, the wife of Prince Edward, was a keynote speaker and participant.