City and Financial Global’s landmark conference represents a unique opportunity for those at the forefront of the asset management community to gain insights into best practice in complying with the new regulatory standards. We are delighted to welcome Nick Miller, Head of Asset Management, Financial Conduct Authority as our keynote speaker. He will outline the FCA’s agenda for reform and their expectations for the asset management industry as a whole. Our panel of expert speakers will also provide practical insights into an array of challenges facing asset managers, such as  how culture and conduct has developed as a key compliance issue; the drive towards increasing engagement and transparency; improving disclosure on fees particularly in relation to active and passive funds; choice and use of benchmarks; and credible performance reporting. Asset managers will also be profoundly affected by coming within the ambit of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) this December, as well as by the ongoing turmoil which surrounds Brexit.
Attending this Summit will enable you to drill down into the implications of these radical events for your firm and provide you with practical tools and strategies to ensure you are at the vanguard of regulatory compliance.

The summit will bring together leading experts to provide a cross-cutting view of the emerging regulatory and ethical standards for data analytics, processing and management; to examine the data-related developments of most concern to regulators; and to discuss the fundamental changes that lie ahead. The event will also enable c-suite executives to benefit from real life case studies and best practices in the use, collection and sharing of data.

  • Overview: is shareholder activism is growing in the UK?
  • Why are investors becoming more active?
  • Why would an activist target your company?
  • Current activist behaviour and techniques
  • Getting your house in order – how to minimise the risk of an activist approach and limit any damage caused
  • Successful strategies for engaging with an activist
  • The growing importance of ESG

The next regulatory challenge facing firms operating in the EU is here: the Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR), which aims to increase transparency in the use of repos and stock loans, and on the risks around entering collateral arrangements. SFTR is more than a simple trade reporting practice. It impacts a wide-range of investment firms in areas such as businesses processes, controls, operations, IT systems and compliance. The SFTR Implementation Forum will help you understand all aspects of the regulation, avoiding implementation delays, fines and operational hiccups. Through a series of keynote panel discussions and case studies, our expert speakers will take you through all challenges of the SFTR business model, including UTI generation, the reporting obligation to the TRs and, finally, the reconciliation process.

We are delighted that David Blunt, Head of Conduct Specialists, Financial Conduct Authority, has confirmed that he will give a keynote address at the conference.

The forthcoming summit, which builds on the success of the four previous summits that City & Financial has organised on the SMCR, focuses on the key issues that all regulated firms need to get to grips with, whether they are asset managers and insurers who are finalising their implementation projects prior to coming within the ambit of the SMCR, or banks that are already within scope. The summit will address the needs of senior executives in all FCA and PRA regulated firms.

The 3rd Annual RegTech Automation and Compliance Forum will address the challenges that financial institutions are still facing in terms of developing appropriate skill sets at all levels of the business, as well as maintaining the capacity to deliver safe and secure operations whilst maximising the benefit of integrated RegTech solutions.

The 23rd World Conference of Banking Institutes will be a landmark event for the international financial services community – bringing together perspectives from across the world on the forces shaping the future of our sector.