We are delighted that John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister has kindly agreed to give the keynote address at the event.
The objective of this timely summit is to help financial institutions understand how the UK regulatory framework under which they operate is likely to evolve in both the short- and longer term.
With a date of 31 March set for the UK and the EU agreeing a Memorandum of Understanding on ‘structured regulatory cooperation on financial services’, this summit will provide a timely opportunity to take stock of where we are.

C&F’s timely virtual summit, ‘The Future of Carbon Pricing’ (27th April), will provide a backstop for recent political and regulatory developments. The summit will facilitate discussions between industry, investor, regulator, and advisory communities on the practical implications for companies in the round.

As part of its well-established portfolio of high-level technology events, many of which have enjoyed government support, the Data and the Future of Financial Services 2021 Virtual Summit will bring together leading experts to examine the data-related developments of most concern to the financial services industry and regulators and to discuss the fundamental changes that lie ahead of us. The event will also enable c-suite executives to benefit from real life case studies and best practices in the use, collection and sharing of data.

This year’s summit will include a keynote address from Mark Steward, Executive Director of Enforcement and Market Oversight, Financial Conduct Authority.

City & Financial Global is delighted to announce its forthcoming virtual Summit on the Future of UK Fund Management taking place on 20th May.

This is a particularly challenging time for a sector which forms an important part of the UK’s financial services ecosystem and which contributes enormously to the UK economy. Post Brexit, the EU does not appear to be particularly sympathetic to delegation of portfolio management to a country outside the EU, and there is a real risk that swathes of portfolio management will move to Continental Europe.  The Government has responded with a series of proposals contained in the Treasury’s Review of Fund Management designed to bolster the UK’s fund management industry.

Featuring a keynote address by Nick Miller, Head of Asset Management, Financial Conduct Authority, the virtual summit represents the definitive online meeting place for all asset managers affected by these wide-ranging reforms.

This summit will bring together regulators, financial institutions and advisory firms to compile a best practice guide to in-house climate scenario planning at a time when it is most vital and coveted. Scenario planning helps financial institutions to manage their businesses more resiliently and profitably, as well as being a prerequisite for full climate disclosure, a regulatory requirement which businesses will have to meet within the next couple of years.

Following the recent publication of the final rules on operational resilience by the Bank of England/PRA and the FCA, City and Financial Global is delighted to present “The 8th Operational Resilience and Cyber Security Summit”, which will take place virtually on 25 May. The objective of the conference is to assist financial institutions with implementing best practice operational resilience and cyber security measures that are consistent with the final rules.

City & Financial Global Ltd is delighted to announce the second in its three-part series of Managing L/IBOR Transition Virtual Summits, which are specifically designed to provide best practice insights, technical updates and guidance for financial institutions and users as the end of year deadline approaches. This virtual summit focuses, inter alia on the implications that transition will have for loans; the active conversion of legacy contracts; conduct and risk issues; compliance, legal and contractual issues; operational challenges; the UK and regulatory agenda and the impact of Basel III, IV, UMR and Brexit; wider issues relating to IBORs and LIBORs products around the world; and practical next steps. It will also be an opportunity to hear from banks and financial institutions that have already successfully begun their transition away from LIBOR.

Now in its 11th year, City Week is the premier gathering of the international financial services community. It brings together industry leaders and policy makers from around the globe to consider together the future of global financial markets and London in particular.