It has been one year and a half since Iran, The United States and five other world powers reached a deal designed to limit Tehran’s nuclear programme. As a result, the United Nations lifted all nuclear-related sanctions and the EU lifted many bilateral sanctions on Iran’s banking and energy sectors. Slowly but surely, progress is being made towards establishing normal trade relations between the UK and Iran.

This event will examine the latest developments in the cyber security issues financial institutions are facing, with particular emphasis on cyber resilience, cyber security culture, supply chain security and the protection of critical financial infrastructure, as well as risk mitigation strategies.

City & Financial’s 13th Annual Infrastructure Policy Summit will bring together some of the key players in the UK infrastructure markets to discuss the latest policy initiatives and the implications of these for market participants.

The bonds markets are now under attack from all directions. The purpose of this conference will be to examine the problems and then to look at the various possible solutions.

A blueprint for how £13 billion of government investment will help create the Northern Powerhouse was unveiled in September, £600m was added in the following Autumn Statement and a further £200m in the last Budget.